VIP Night at The Garage (11-17-11)

This is our very first V.I.P. Event in Kearney and we’re stoked that The Garage wants to team up with us on it! First thing first, before we run out of the required V.I.P. shirts, make your order now!

(‘V.I.P.’ Traditionally stands for  ’Very Important Person’, but in our case it is: “Very Important People” – Our Fans)

Why a V.I.P. Event?

You all (our fans) have been so good to us over the past few months, that we (The Garage & are pulling out all the stops to help you have a great time, with V.I.P. treatment.

A Description of this Event.

On Thursday (November 17th, 2011) at 9pm, any average person that shows up at The Garage for this event, will get to listen to a live DJ on the ground level, dancing & drinking with their friends. “Now that doesn’t sound very V.I.P.”, you might be thinking to yourself…And you know what, you’re absolutely right! That is why the V.I.Peeps are getting their own list of things that will be available ONLY TO THEM (And if you become a V.I.P.) during this night at The Garage, check them out below:

What Do V.I.Peeps get?

V.I.P.s are set up to get penny pitchers all night (provided by + $1 ANY LIQUOR DRINKS, and an exclusive “VIP Only” hangout on the second floor of The Garage, that will include beer pong contests and the Girls! Yes, you heard us right, the entire upstairs will be made up of you and your other Very Important friends! We also heard a rumor that there may be some freebies handed out throughout the night, (from our own ‘Kearney Bars‘ team – Only given to the V.I.P. crowd) as well as some goodies given away from some local sponsors!

How Do You Become A V.I.P.?

For any individual that wants to become part of the ‘Very Important People’ group, you are in luck, all you have to do is purchase a V.I.P. T-shirt and wear it during the night of the event! The T-shirts are going to be specific to this event, so not just any shirt will do. Once you buy it, you can pick it up at The Garage before the event (after you get our ‘It’s Ready To Be Picked Up’ email) or at the event itself. We’re keeping a record of all t-shirts that are purchased and they will be organized by the purchaser’s name at The Garage.

What Does The Shirt Cost & How Can I Get One (or several)?

We’re glad you asked! The V.I.P. Shirts are first come first serve, and are $25/each, with a limited quantity of 100 shirts.

To start things off with a bang, we’re selling the shirts for $20/each – until Monday, November 7th, 2011 @ 12:00am.
If you decide to hold off purchasing your shirt until Monday, November 7th, 2011 through Saturday, November 12, 2011 @ 12:00am – The price goes up to $22.50/each.
If you want to purchase your shirt after  Saturday, November 12, 2011 – the shirt price will be our ‘as advertised’ $25/each (that is, if there are any shirts still available by this time)!

Please click the button below to get your shirt ordered and be ready to roll for this event. Oh ya, if you haven’t done so already, please make sure to tell us your coming on our Facebook VIP @ The Garage Event Page.

We are very proud to have Bud Light and Kearney Cab Co hop on board as sponsors for this event.

Enjoy your Bud Light all night compliments of

We encourage a responsible night of drinking but if you’ve had 1 too many, use our good friends at Kearney Cab Co…delivering people & packages 24hrs a day, 234-6725


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  1. Chais Meyer

    November 5, 2011

    I’m stoked about this one!

    If anyone has a good suggestion about what could happen to make this event even sexier, make sure to let the know!

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