November’s Top Recruiter

Hello KearneyBars People (yes, we mean everyone that enjoys the services that provides),

This month we’re looking for one person that likes money ($25 cash) & wants to take on the challenge of becoming November 2011′s Top ‘Kearney Bars‘ Recruiter.

This person can be made up of any sex, shape or creed. All they need is, the ability to motivate a minimum of 50 local people to “like” the facebook page within a one week time period (oh ya, the contestant also needs to be a pre-existing facebook fan of ours…this opportunity is not open to random people that happen upon this company update).

If you’re interested in this sort of a challenge, we need you to comment on the bottom of this post (in the “Leave A Reply” section) to let us know. The person that we reply back to will get this month’s opportunity, and 7 full days to raise our facebook page to an additional 50 “likes”. The clock will start as soon as we reply back to you and you can do whatever you’d like to get the job done…barring any illegal activities or fake promises on behalf of of course! ;)

As soon as our numbers raise 50 fans higher than they were when you started, you will earn your promised $25 cash (that we’ll hand to you in person) and the recognition as “November 2011′s Top Recruiter” (and yes, you’ll get a digital award in your honor that you can print out if you’d like)! What if you don’t raise the facebook numbers by 50? Well, if you get over half way, we’ll give you free ‘ T-shirt’…how’s that for rewarding your efforts? (rhetorical question) If you don’t get our numbers higher than 25, we’ll give you a pat on the back (virtually) and say, “thank you for your effort, but this just wasn’t your month.”

We’re really excited to hear back from you very soon!

Thank you very much,
~The Team 

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About The Team

We are a group of local Kearney, Nebraska people that want to make ‘having a good time in Kearney’ a little easier. We’re focusing on working with the local bars directly, to share their organized events, specials, & happy hour promotions in one simple online location! If you’d like more information about our team, or you’d like to contact us, feel free to check this out.

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We’re currently being run by only a few local people…if you’d like to join us in a team meeting or two (over cocktails) and/or be a spokesperson for, please let us know!

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