Exclusive: ‘Saving Abel’ Meet & Greet VIP Ticket Giveaway

How much does love their fans? How ’bout 8 VIP Tickets worth of love, where you’ll get to Meet & Greet with Saving Abel’s Scott Bartlett and you’ll get VIP seating to the Memphis Soul Project Concert at Copperfields, November 18th? Oh ya, did we mention that you get your own bottle of ‘Kearney Bars‘ Champagne? Seems too good to be true right? When will you learn young grasshopper, flat out gets it done, for you!

So, how do you win free meet and greet tickets?

The FIRST four (4) people that Tag ”” in their facebook status update, preaching to your friends that you pre-ordered your Garage VIP T-shirt, will have their free V.I.P concert ticket waiting to be picked up at the door on November 17th @ The Garage!

[Tagging Note: To Tag our page on facebook, you will need to type "" and select the Fan page from the options that show up. If you don't do it properly, we won't know that you did it and you won't win. If you do it properly, it will tell us that you tagged us and you will be able to click on our name in your status after it's a website link!]

[VIP Ticket Winners Note: You must have already ordered and pre-paid for your Garage VIP shirt in order to receive the Meet and Greet tickets at Copperfields for November 18th...The VIP Concert tickets are a $40 value per ticket.]

Here’s an example facebook post you could use:

I just purchased my VIP shirt online - - I’m going to their VIP Event on November 17th, at The Garage in Kearney and I’m stoked for the FREE Beer & $1 any liquor drinks, I’d love for you to be VIP with me! More details here:

We’ll also be giving out a couple more VIP tickets during our VIP night at the Garage, it’s a secret how the winners will be chosen! ;)

We constantly reward those that are actively involved with, on our website and on our facebook page…if you “like” us, we will LOVE you!

Thanks for stopping by and we’re excited to see who the first four (4) winners will be!
~The Team

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