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This coupon code will give you 10% off of any number of items from our Kearney Bars t-shirt shop. You can use it as many times as you’d like until it expires on November 1st, 2012. Oh yeah, you can also use it in conjunction with other coupons if you have them.

How do you get your 10% Off coupon code?

Just click on the little advertisement to your right that says “GET 10% OFF & BUY SOME T-SHIRTS”
It looks similar to this:

…Or, if you can’t find the ad, just Click Here (it will send you to the same spot).
Once the online form opens up, please fill it out, hit submit and you’ll be emailed an electronic coupon code. Now you can go and use that code to buy some local bar goodies at our online shop. Thanks for dropping by and we’re glad to help out! ~The Team

Here are some products you can get discounts on:

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We are a group of local Kearney, Nebraska people that want to make ‘having a good time in Kearney’ a little easier. We’re focusing on working with the local bars directly, to share their organized events, specials, & happy hour promotions in one simple online location! If you’d like more information about our team, or you’d like to contact us, feel free to check this out.

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We’re currently being run by only a few local people…if you’d like to join us in a team meeting or two (over cocktails) and/or be a spokesperson for, please let us know!

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