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    2 Big Concerts This Weekend!

      Looking for a place to show off your new costume and check out some killer live music?! The Garage is your destination…hosting a scary-good band, the Crazy Horses both Friday AND Saturday (October 28th & 29th)! Both nights kick off at 9:00 p.m. with The Darts, followed by Kearney’s...
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    Copperfields $200 Drawing Results

    Congratulations to Jordan Loschen for winning Copperfield’s $200 cash prize during our October 20th event! Beer Pong, DJ Derek, Cheap Drinks, The KearneyBars.com Girls, and a Grand Prize of $200 all helped make the night a huge success!! Thanks to everyone that came out for the event and please give...
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    Kearney Oktoberfest Specials

    Yes, you heard us right… ‘Oktoberfest’ specials are actually going on in Kearney, Nebraska!   What is “ok·to·ber·fest”   /äkˈtōbərˌfest/? Noun: 1. A traditional autumn beer festival held in Munich, Germany every October. 2. Any similar autumn festival.   Since we’re trying to stay true to our German heritage (or pretending...
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    $200 Giveaway Event

    Hallelujah!!! Another KearneyBars.com Event has arrived! Thursday, October 20th, KearneyBars.com will be at Copperfields to give away money (here’s how the drawing will work), give you inexpensive drink specials, Let you request the music you want to hear, and to hang out with our KearneyBars.com Girls! Let’s Talk About The Cash Do you...
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    KearneyBars.com Gains Recognition on KOLN/KGIN (channel 10/11)

    As a company that finds social networking to be a huge part of our success, KearneyBars.com was featured with a video interview on Channel 10/11, KOLN/KGIN’s Nebraska Central News talking about that very subject. Morgan Demmel, a reporter for NCN, highlighted KearneyBars.com’s use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media...
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    Free T-Shirt Winners!

    KearneyBars.com & Shooters worked together last night to throw an exclusive happy hour event for YOU. We had an AMAZING turnout with cheap drinks, beer pong, and of course KearneyBars.com Girls!!!  Throughout the night, if you were able to beat our girls at a game of beer pong we entered...
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    UPDATE: KRave Underground Re-Grand Opening

    As you may know, just before KRave Underground’s last Grand Opening, they had some issues and had to reschedule the party. All of that has been finished up and they’re ready to do this Grand Opening again. Even though KRave Underground doesn’t serve alcohol, they’re a dance club and that...
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    An Introduction Video

    This video was created at the ‘free beer’ night at Fanatics Sports Bar in Kearney, Ne. Ismael ‘Pichie’ Torres, filmed and edited it on our behalf. Let us know what you think of it and feel free to share it along (http://vimeo.com/29551823)! We’ll be talking to you soon, ~The KearneyBars.com...
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    KearneyBars.com is Making Headlines!

    Kevin Hervert, a writer for the Kearney Hub, wrote a great article for us on Friday.  The article outlines exactly what our website is all about: informing you with the best deals in town! Click here for the article:  Kearney Hub. We’re all about creating a great nightlife experience for you in...
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    ——————————————————————————————– Update: The much anticipated Grand Opening event for Kearney’s newest dance club has been postponed to a future date (SEE THE RE-GRAND OPENING DETAILS HERE).  As people marched up to the newly renovated basement of the Kaufman Center at 2202 Central Ave, they were surprised to find paper taped...
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    UNK Loves Us, They Really Do!

    Well, at least the UNK Antelope Newspaper does! We recently (August 24th, 2011) had a great article written about us, by the super talented Antelope staff member, Jay B. Sloan. Jay, we really appreciate the kind words, informative article and the props for all we’re trying to do in Kearney!...

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