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Now that you’re here, we recommend you look around a bit, in order to better understand what KearneyBars.com all about. To make things easier, we’ll highlight four (4) cool things that we’re doing, right below this message. If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to contact us or send us a message through facebook!

Our Events Calendar

With our Events Calendar, you can now plan your nights out based on what’s actually going on and which bars are having current specials! We’re working hand in hand with the Bars in Kearney, all to give you, our fans, a better nightlife & entertainment experience…we hope you enjoy our efforts!

Happy Hour Specials

We’ve decided to put an emphasis on Happy Hour Specials here in Kearney…organizing all the specials (from the bars that matter) in one location on our website. Making it easier to get together with your friends and to party like a boss at a fraction of the cost. We LOVE Happy Hour!

Freebies for Your Photos

Since KearneyBars.com is ALL about being social, we’d like to see some photos of what happens when you go out on the town. And, to entice you to share with us, we’re giving freebies away every month to people that tag their facebook bar photos with “KearneyBars.com“. Details Here…

Coming Soon: Get Bar Event Notifications!

Why Yes, we do have an exclusive “Fan Club” side of KearneyBars.com! In this club, you can get notified of all the latest events & specials as they happen You’ll also be able to tell your friends if you’re going to an event or not.

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About The KearneyBars.com Team

We are a group of local Kearney, Nebraska people that want to make ‘having a good time in Kearney’ a little easier. We’re focusing on working with the local bars directly, to share their organized events, specials, & happy hour promotions in one simple online location! If you’d like more information about our team, or you’d like to contact us, feel free to check this out.

Get Involved!

We’re currently being run by only a few local people…if you’d like to join us in a team meeting or two (over cocktails) and/or be a spokesperson for KearneyBars.com, please let us know!

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